Rock In Social Media

Apps are one of the most effective ways to unlock the full power of Facebook. Our custom Facebook application development team create branded apps that power engagement with customers, integrating your business into the core Facebook experience. Unleash the viral marketing potential of Facebook apps by taking advantage of the following social channels:

  • Bookmarks on users' homepage for quick re-engagement.
  • Real-time social activity broadcasts automatically as usage stories based on various user actions.
  • User to user and app to user notifications deliver the core of virality and engagement.
  • Requests such as invites can be seen on a user' dashboard and encourage social connectivity.
  • Your website enjoys competitive edge because you can quickly react to the market changes and update the content accordingly.
  • App profiles and search are similar to fan pages, allow embedding of custom tabs, and can serve as an engagement channel for users that 'like' that app.

We have brought a number of useful applications to life, serving some of the biggest industries and startups. Whether you choose one of our pre-existing solutions or desire a custom tailored solution, our Facebook application development team will deliver on time.

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